Choose from selected EVM networks or add your own EVM network. We can also build and manage your private EVM Network on Consensys Besu Hyperledger and integrate into Tagbond.

ERC20 Tokens

ERC20 Tokens can be created with different capabilities, on various networks including Tagbond, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Arbitrum or Avalanche. Currently this is done via this link, until we integrate it into the Tagbond system. - ERC20 Token Creator.

ERC1155 NFT Tokens

ERC1155 NFT Collections and Tokens can be created and customized for use within apps. Create for games or business, setup immutable or off-chain data and add to your selected network.

Stablecoins and Central Bank Currencies (CBDC)

Create your own Stablecoin, open or controlled access on any network, or let us help you create your own EVM Network on Besu Hyperledger and add to Tagbond. Let developers build apps using your currency.

Non Custodial wallets

On first registration within Tagbond, you will be asked to create or import a wallet with a 12 word seed phrase. It is important to keep a backup of this seed phrase since we do not your store private keys.

Individual User accounts

Individuals can set up an account, customise their own dashboard for easy access to favorite mini programs, and create a customizable page for others to view and to earn referral income as well.

Business Accounts

Create any number of business accounts, and switch to them for different wallet balances and tokens. Accept payments from individuals or other businesses. Chat to users. Add permission based roles for customers or restricted access just for employees (eg: intranet). Create a customised web app (mobile app on demand) quickly using templated modules or URL links or develop your own modules in Google Flutter. Web apps look exactly the same as mobile apps. Create your own domain name for a website with all your mini apps. Ech business account has its own custodial wallet - you can share your private keys with other staff roles within that business account, or let staff users request payments that you then authorise.

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