Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

Create your own NFTs for games, business or whatever purpose they might serve. Create on different networks. Choose from Non Fungible where only one item is created with a unique serial number, or Semi Fungible where multiple single items with same description can be created (for example a set of 10 swords in a game).

ERC1155 Standard

Tagbond standardises on ERC1155 standard for creation of NFTs. The Tagbond ERC1155 contract can be deployed on any network chain added to Tagbond.


On creation of an NFT, a bond can be added to it, either in TAG Tokens (TAG BOND) or any other token (EXTRA BOND). When the NFT is burned (ie: detroyed and removed fromm the blockchain), this bond is returned to the owner who burned the NFT. A date can be set before which the bond cannot be reclaimed, and a percentage fee of the bond can also be set to return to the original creator on burning.


Create Collections for your Tokens, and either create and sell NFTs or enable others to create new tokens under your Collection


Set up templates for faster creation of NFTs, create data sets with key value pairs, define data as immutable (IPFS) or access controlled (read or write) by owners or collection managers

Use NFTs in games and apps

Build mini apps and games that use NFTs, encourage other developers to sell or use your assets, building more value and making them useful.

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