About Tagbond

Tagbond is a customisable Super App that uses multiple Layer 2 EVM networks, with services offered to individuals, businesses and developers. It is built in Google Flutter and features non custodial wallets for crypto tokens and assets. Anyone can create mini programs for their own use, or create templates to rent to others.

Tagbond Team

The company was founded by Mark Vernon, a British IT entrepreneur and angel investor, who has been involved with Crypto Assets and Blockchain technology since 2011. Mark featured as an investor judge on CNN Philippines The Final Pitch seasons 3 and 4. He also co-founded Fintech Philippines Association in 2017, and is currently the Vice Chairman. He shares his time between Asia, Europe and Africa.

Tagbond has a team of 15 developers based at our development center in Kochi, India, with European operations managed by Louis Witteveen, based in Cyprus.

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