About Tagbond (TAG) tokens

3 Billion TAG Tokens have been issued on 3 different Blockchains - Ethereum Main Net, Tagbond Blockchain and Stellar and can be exchanged 1 to 1 from all 3 networks. 1 Billion will be offered for sale via Uniswap (Polygon) and on Stellar, at 3 Cents (USD), raising $30 million for more development of the platform. 500 million TAG will be given away in games and promotions, and the remainder will stay within Tagbond for future endeavours.

TAG on Ethereum

1 Billion TAG was issued on Ethereum Mainnet in 2020. Contract address is 0xcc4ae94372da236e9b113132e0c46c68704246b9

TAG on Polygon

900 million TAG was moved via POS Bridge to Polygon Layer 2 Network via POS bridge. Contract address is 0x6a284bf3e568aea2c28010f061a85e107efdb6b6

TAG on Tagbond

1 Billion TAG was issued on on the TAGBOND Layer 2 network. TAG currency is used as gas for token creation, transactions and contract interactions on the Tagbond Blockchain or for payment and trading within mini apps that use this chain.

TAG on Stellar

1 Billion TAG was issued on Stellar and are interchangeable via Tagbond for Polygon and Tagbond Networks. Asset address is GCISLTVXDF5W5HB53VOKQFEJOG367GKCLQNFF7YZSPFPVGFMREADOTAG

TagCoin (PoS/PoW)

In 2013, TagCoin was released as a PoW/PoS coin by Mark Vernon, founder of Tagbond, and is still running today. This can be mined via the TagCoin network, and can be burned to exchange for Tagbond TAG tokens on Polygon, Tagbond or Stellar at 1 to 1 rate.

Where can I obtain TAG

You can purchase TAG using these methods:

Currently the price is 3 US Cent per TAG and will remain at that price untill 1 Billion TAG tokens are sold.

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