Tagbond offers different types of application modules to individuals or companies, often linked to tokens. Individual or business accounts can add these mini apps to their favorites dashboard or promote them via pesonal or business public profiles. Your web app is accessed via browser URL as "tagbond.com/@username" for individual accounts or "tagbond.com/ID" for business accounts, with a option to map to your own domain name. Referral fees can be offered to help promote mini apps, or for you to earn by publishing them on your own pages.

Static Mini Apps

Choose from fixed name templates like Photo Album, Newsfeed, Feedback and more. These can be shown on your favorites dashboard or shared with others via personal or business public profile pages

Templated Mini Apps

Templated apps are those created by Tagbond or 3rd party developers, where you can change certain settings and make it your own branded mini app, with its own name. For example, a shopping app with your branded colors, name and currency settings. Charges depend on the type of template you use and charged in TAG Tokens.

Custom Mini Apps

Link to an existing web URL for display as a mini app. Connect to external non custodial wallets (like Metamask) or internally created wallets within Tagbond, create your own Google Flutter app or upload HTML site as a mini app.

Private GitLab Access

HTML and Flutter apps are given a gitlab repository address, via which you can add other developers to work on your project. These repositories can be private or public. If you have a Flutter application already on Github, then why not show it off in Tagbond as a working application, complete with Git repository. It can be linked directly to Github as well.

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